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LAN Turtle and C2


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Hi All, and appologies in advance if this was covered, however, i can't find anyting regarding it.  I have an older LAN Turtle (no pigtail)... actually I have a couple of them.  I did an update from within the software on the device and also did a manual firmware update (same version 6.2).  I am able to load modules, enable services, etc, however when escaping to shell, I don't see and "C2" commands.  I thought maybe it was a module i needed to install, but it wasn't apparent which one.  I also exported the 'device.config' file from my C2 instance and installed it to /etc/ on the Turtle and disconnected and reconnected it, but still no commands to initiate a connection to C2 server.  Is my device just too old?  Thank you.

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