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iphone serial terminal


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The only mobile device type that is known to be supported is Android based ones (probably not all Android devices though, but "most" of them). If iPhone was a device that was possible to use, my guess is that Hak5 would have mentioned that in the documentation or product description in the shop (the shop info says "Widely support by Android OTG + Windows, Mac & Linux" but not iOS). Reading about iOS and serial support doesn't add much hope to the scenario in which an iPhone would be possible to use with the Shark Jack Cable (SJC). Some information from iOS dev forums state that it's not even possible to access generic serial devices using iOS (it's not even built in to the API), so some kind of Lightning to USB OTG adapter will probably not do the job. There are serial cables for iOS devices, but those are specifically manufactured for that use case and most often not generic enough to be able to connect to the USB-C connector of the SJC (for example; Get Console cables or stuff from Redpark). Another way would be to create some MFi enabled hardware, but this is probably such a big commitment that it's just not even worth thinking of. Another route might be to use some intermediate bluetooth-to-serial device, but that's not an easy path to walk through the woods on either. It probably requires a lot of R&D to get it to work, and... it will create a rather "bulky" SJC since you need to carry that BLE device as well and power it.

So, I think it's a lot easier to just get an Android device, or a computer, to be able to access the SJC using serial.

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