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Difficult to remove SD card and a question on variables


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1. When I try to take it out, it bumps up against the solder joints of the USB-C connector and doesn’t go any further. I have to lift the card a bit but I have to do it slowly so I don’t damage the SD slot. It’s very time consuming.

Is anyone else having a hard time taking out the SD card? Or does mine just happen to have a defect?

2. Can you use variables as strings? I.e. how do I inject $bar as a string? I’ve looked here but it doesn’t specifically mention it.


 Thank you for your time!




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1. It's no defect. Mine is like that and I've observed several other users mentioning it as well. Just use the methods that allows you to access the Ducky storage without having to remove the Micro SD card, like enabling the possibility to press the hardware button of the Ducky or add code to the payload that stops code from executing.

2. Use the TRANSLATE extension in Payload Studio to create payloads that type Ducky-internal variables.


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