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Read traffic in own Wlan


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I have a WLAN with multiple IoT Devices. These devices send some data to an hub, which is in the same WLAN. I need these data in realtime, so I had the idea to capture them on the fly with Pinapple.

Sadly I have no idea how to do this. I can create a WLan with Pinapple and all the devices connect to it. But how can I read the traffic/data between these devices? (im 90% sure that they are not encrypted)


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If you're really in control of that WLAN and the IoT devices, I assume that you shouldn't need to guess if the traffic is encrypted or not. Since you have control, I would start to get information about how the IoT devices communicate. If they do it in encrypted format, then you might save yourself some time not bothering to try to set up a Pineapple to try to intercept the device traffic (or try to get hold of any type of certificate used that probably is needed on the Pineapple, or such device, to decrypt the traffic).

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