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Capital Letters Mixed Up


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For some reason, my bashbunny inverts upper/lower case on some computers.

That is, where it should run:

powershell -NoP -NonI -W Hidden ".((gwmi ...


POWERSHELL -nOp -nONi -w hIDDEN ".((GWMI ...

Keyboard layout is correctly set in the configuration file.

Also, keep in mind this only occurs on some computers.

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1 hour ago, dark_pyrro said:

Is Caps Lock on or off on the computers where the chars are inverted?

Whether turned off or on, the result is the same.

The curious thing is, that the same payload runs correctly on one computer, but on another one exactly the same, it fails.

I find 3 possible outputs:
-The payload works. Loot is generated.
-The payload works, but the error of the capital letters makes the script null.
-The payload does NOT work, but I check that the powershell script is launched correctly, but without results.

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