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I am New, Where can i learn pentesting skills?


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You can start by browsing the dedicated thread


It's probably old in some aspects, but may act as some kind of guide. So, not full featured, but.... anyway.... The best way to approach the cybersec arena (imo) is to start working in some area related to tech. A lot of people say "I want to start in cybersec/pentesting", but if you don't know how things work, then you aren't going to be that good at the cybersec part. You have to know computers, OSes, scripting, programming/software development, web, networking, etc, etc to be really good at the security related stuff. So my advise is to start in some area as a tech/admin and learn security related things along the way. I think a lot of people fail because they start in the wrong end. And, it's a lot more difficult since you don't really know what you are doing or what is possible.

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