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can't reset screen crab


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Start with making sure the Micro SD card is properly formatted. Use the official SDA (SD Association) tool if using Win/Mac or tools like gparted or dd (or such) if using something Linux based.


If not successful, verify that it's one partition only and not any "garbage" partitions on the card.

Also use the advised format when formatting the card.

To be really sure, try another card and/or verify that the card is not faulty in some way.

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thanks! @dark_pyrroit is working now. I see that it takes lot of tie to write on the SD for the folder structure.

Now I see that if I don't put an SD inside it continue to have those LEDs: solid green after light cyan that means still booting boot it never stop and also the screen blinks ! if i put the SD inside same results... what the hell???

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