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newly bought wifi pineapple mark vii web UI Failed to obtain available modules.


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web ui interface Question:
         1. Click  <Get Available Modules>button, it will display "Failed to obtain available modules. Please check your internet connectivity settings."

         2. Click the <Sync Browser Time> button to display "Time Misconfiguration"

        3. Click the <Check for Updates Online> button, it will display "Failed to obtain updates. Please check your internet connectivity settings."

MK7 Internet access method:
1. Through the WIFI of the home router or the hotspot of the mobile phone, surf the Internet as a client
2. Connect USB to RJ45 network card (AX88179) through MK7 USB-A for Internet access
The above two methods can be connected in the MK7 Web Shell ping forums.hak5.org, no problem

About the firmware: the version is installed from 2.0.0------>2.1.3, all of which have the same problem (currently the latest version) (can't the 1.1.1 version be installed?)

my environment:
  Computer: lENOVO Y7000P 2020 win10 system (because I am in China, so the computer network uses VPN)

Router:      1.TP-LINK TL-R470GP-AC
                 2. TP-LINK TL-WR885N

Power supply: 1. HUAWEI 10000mAh mobile power bank/charging treasure 18W two-                        way fast charging
                           2. The USB-C port of the laptop (with pineapple USB-C cable)


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