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Hello friends...

I have a BIG trouble. Can't reset my pineapple VII. Have tried all things: push on the button when I push in the cable, wait for 3 red blinks; push the button longer than 7 sec, over 30 sec both when the unit is on and off. But it will not reset to factory reset... What should I do?

Please help me!

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So, I guess you followed the documented procedure. That is, push the button and keep it pushed down when applying power, wait for 3 red blinks, immediately release the button and the LED should go solid red. Configure the network interface on the computer/device that is connected to the Pineapple with the static IP address of, download the recovery file to the computer, verify the checksum of the downloaded file, visit in a web browser (no https and not using port 1471), upload the recovery file in the recovery web UI that should appear, wait for the Pineapple to finish the recovery process.

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