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Cant log on, pineapple has 2 ip address.


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 ok...not enough info.

When i say it has 2 ip address' i mean in windows.

I can set the ip to no problem but i can not log onto this address because when i go into adapter options and click on details it shows 2 ip address' the 172 one but there is also a 169 address showing there.


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When you say:

On 10/1/2022 at 2:41 PM, Newtothis said:

I can set the ip to

Where do you set it? is the IP of the Pineapple, not anything you should set on any device connecting to it. The adapter that represents the Pineapple in Windows (an ASIX based one) should be set to something else if you don't get an address automatically ( for example). The 169 address is an "APIPA" address that indicates that Windows hasn't gotten any real/valid IP address from a DHCP server (or no static address has been configured). I assume that you are connecting to the Pineapple using the USB-C port of the Pineapple.

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