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I have not deployed my C2 server yet as I wanted to confirm something before I potentially wind up "burning the license."  I spin up servers when needed and then get rid of them to avoid unnecessary costs.  After I set up the C2 and find I won't need it for a while, is there a way to deactivate the license, do I need to copy certain files off and keep them for safe keeping, or do I have to keep my VPS running in perpetuity?

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I have been "re-using" my license when I have set up things from scratch in a new environment. So, unless you don't want to keep the content of your current setup, then you shouldn't need to know anything else than your license key. You could of course save the db file since it's possible to use it when setting up the new server.

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I had the exact same question. Glad to see it already had been answered. I bought the C2 pro key and didn't want to spin up a VPS and burn the key if I ever moved platforms. I was prepared to just have it stored inside of a VM and just keep that image backed up 😆 glad to know it isn't that rigid. 

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