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Batchfiles & Daemon Tools


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Just figured i'd throw this out real quick. I have a PC dedicated for my kids use and they're younger kids. They have quite a few games that require CD media to play but I don't let them handle the CDs because... well.. they tend do destroy them.

I run a server inhouse and decided to ISO up all their games and store 'em there, mount em on the PC with Daemon Tools and off they go. This however required me to be on hand when they decided they wanted to change games. So after a tiny bit of research on Daemon Tools forums I came up with this batchfile, one per game changed to fit each game. This works in Vista too, which the PCs running.

Automount and unmount batchfile

rem Mount network drive with games directory

net use X: "vashstorage3games"

rem Mount with cmd line cd image

"C:Program FilesDaemon Toolsdaemon.exe" -mount 0,"X:game.iso"

rem run game

call "C:gamegame.exe"

rem Unmount cd image from cmd line

"C:Program FilesDaemon Toolsdaemon.exe" -unmount 0

rem delete network drive

net use X: /d

Now this is fairly simple to put together, just have to turn off Secure Mode within Daemon Tools otherwise it will prompt you each time you mount and unmount the disk with the batchfile. I changed the shortcuts for each game to point to this batchfile and also run it minimized so my kids don't have to see the batchfile running. Completely and seamlessly mounts the CD, runs the game and when they quit, dismounts the cd and kills the network drive.

Happy Hacking!


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