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So, I was playing around with this payload ADV-Recon and WifiPass, and I can get WifiPass to work on my machine, but whenever I try ADV-Recon, it loads up, and tries to jam the powershell string in the gui window, and then it just flashes grenn,.  It never saves onto the bunny, but when I run the script manually, the folder gets created on the drive, but it never launches off on payload position 1.  Any help would be appreciated.

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If you change the script so that it just enters the PowerShell string into the Windows Run window and then exits/stops, does the entered string fully match what's in the payload? Are there chars that shouldn't be there? If so, have you set the language, if not US? (It should be OK though since you seem to get the other payload to run). What's strange though is that the LED turns green. I can't see that it should do that at any stage in that specific payload. Also try to run the payload without the PowerShell parameters, such as remove the WindowStyle Hidden parameter so that you can see the PowerShell window to be able to spot any errors showing when executing. The payload doesn't seem to use the ExecutionPolicy parameter to control/override if there are limitations in the OS that protects from running PS scripts.

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