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I recently bought the MarkVII to start my testing/learning and have a couple questions.

I see a lot of AP's most of which don't show connected clients, even though I know they haver many connected and active clients.  I do see other AP's with connected clients, so I'm pretty sure my device is working correctly, just now sure what I'm doing wrong here.

1. how can I see the connected clients 

2. how can I hide connected clients

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Hi, JPro2022.

As you will probably notice, I'm quite new to this community.  In fact, this is my very first interaction with it and, to top it all off, English is not my native language .. (French is).

I am looking for a Wi-Fi penetration device to hack into a scammer's machine .. to put him put of service by stooling him to the authorities, but I need hard evidences to prove his mischiefs.  I was wondering if the WiFi Pineapple is the device I need to achieve this «task».

Also, being very green to the domain, I would need guidance.  I have limited Linux experience and have a 'fully dressed ' Kali distro  installed on an old PC (Bare Metal) and it seems to perform very well.

I see that members, you among them, are asking questions, but I fail to see any response to any of them.  Did someone ever replied to you about this recent problem, or is it still not answered?

Thank you for your patience and I hope I'll be able to see your reply.  Maybe I am doing something wrong .. I don't know.  We'll see .. I hope! 😅

Until then, have a great week, and keep safe!

Yours truly, Dan.

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