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What are my chances? Is the ducky pooched?


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Hey, I bought the Rubber Ducky about a year ago but just got around to using it now.

I have the "red-light" problem where the device always shows a red light no matter what I do.

I have tried all the suggestions from the support documentation (included below).

The support docs say that red-light means the firmware is working.

I have tried both FAT16 and FAT32 formatted SD cards, with the known-good inject.bin in the root directory, on multiple systems.

I have re-flashed the firmware using the python tools....

What are my chances of getting this to work?

Is it pooched? Since I paid like $69, it is worth trying I guess.




Red LED issue

The red LED shown on your device is a function of the stock firmware and indicates the following:


  1. Firmware is running properly
  2. inject.bin cannot be read


Common issues causing inject.bin read errors include:


File encoded improperly

Use only the Hak5 JS Encoder


Invalid DuckyScript encoded

Test known good inject.bin file


File named incorrectly

Ensure file is exactly "inject.bin"


File not on root of card

Move file from any sub-directories


Incorrect MicroSD card format

Format card only as MS-DOS FAT16


Card partitioned incorrectly

Ensure only a single partition exists


Card over 2 GB (SDHC or SDXC)

Use only MicroSD cards 2 GB or less


Card not seated properly

Reinstall card carefully with forceps


Card damaged

Test new card meeting above requirements


Host not recognizing device

Test against different computer

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