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Shark jack cable connection to linux pc


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As you didn't have any daily posts left (and used DM instead), I'm posting my answer here anyway for others that might want some answers to this.

My guess is that it's yellow (what you refer to as "dull green") blinking going on. This is probably because of the fact that the SJC has "inherited" the functionality from the battery based "1st gen" Shark. The yellow blink is an indication for the battery handling of the Shark (in the "enter_idle_mode" function in the /usr/bin/shark_framework file). But, since the SJC hasn't got any battery, this is where the framework "gets stuck" in arming mode (but it's not really stuck, it's working). LED Y SLOW is also possible to spot if running the ps command to show running processes. So, the "enter_idle_mode" checks the mode and if it's arming mode then it checks BATTERY_STATE, if BATTERY_STATE is anything else than "full" or "charging" it starts blinking yellow. This is completely useless for the SJC, but (as said) it's a "heritage" from the battery based Shark. It won't affect anything though, so it's just to continue in life with a happy face.....

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I have what seems to be the same issue with connecting to the shark jack cable. I am on fedora linux, installed minicom and configured it for 57600 baud, with the appropriate device on my machine configured.

When I turn on the shark jack to arming mode and connect using minicom, I can see the boot process (here the led light is flashing green), then it just stalls out - the final line in the console is:
Shark Jack Status: ARMING MODEr fs does not support tmpfile. Press Enter to activate console (The led is now slow flashing yellow)

of course it is also overwriting parts of the boot screen, so I'm not sure if the part about seeding with /etc/urandom.seed is part of the final message or part of the boot process.

I have waited for several minutes, and have tried changing back and forth between terminal settings of VT102, and ANSI. At this point the process is stuck - nothing happens, and I cannot enter any text or interact with the Jack in any way.

The previous comment about something not affecting anything is not helpful, and doesn't tell me how to fix the problem.

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