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Bash Bunny only reading files


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Recently i  bought a Bash Bunny Mark II but when i try to use it the entire package is only reading files and i cant move, copy or delete files, add languages etc. I already tried changing permissions with chmod 777 but it didnt work ( i use Ubuntu). I try to change permissions from root after  mounted udisk but it dindnt work either. 

I really need help with this issue.


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Not sure what you mean when saying "the entire package". You probably need to check your Ubuntu setup. Those things shouldn't be Bunny related. I use Ubuntu (among other distros) with the Bunny and it works perfectly well to copy files to the Bunny or change/create/delete files that is already present on the Bunny. If it, for some reason, would be Bunny related, I would probably do a factory reset and start over to see if that solves the problem.

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