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Key croc isn't recording keystrokes


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If the computer suddenly shuts down while key croc is running , key croc doesn't save the keystrokes to croc_char.txt

It's automatically deletes recorded keystrokes. --> how do i know that:


When I connect key croc with ssh (while key croc running) I see "/root/loot/croc_char.log" records every stroke properly. However, if the computer suddenly shuts down while key croc is running, key croc automatically deletes saved keystrokes in "/root/loot/croc_char.log" and "/root/udisk/loot/croc_char.log". What can I do ? Please help me..

Version: 1.3_510

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I don't have the Croc available at the moment, but it sounds a bit strange that it wouldn't write to "disk". You can check the croc_framework file and see if there is something odd, but I can't see that it should be. If it's really not working, then I would perhaps play with sync and some cron job copying the file with some relevant interval. It's not how it should be done though.

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I can't remember the path off the top of my head, but I think it's /usr/local/croc/bin (I can't seem to be able to memorize the different paths between the Hak5 products).

There's nothing specific to change really. I was just pointing that out because a lot of things are controlled using the framework. You have to spend the time needed to find anything that might affect this (if there is anything at all).

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