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Can't download 2.0 firmware

Joe Smith

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I have connected to my home wifi and set the download channel to beta. In software update it says I am currently on 1.1.1 When I click Check For Updates it says Failed to obtain updates. Please check your internet connectivity settings. Well, they are all good. So what's next? And can you please just put the binary in the downloads?

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Did you solve it since you marked your post as the solution?

What you want to do shouldn't be an issue at all. I've done it countless times so you must be doing something wrong in the process.

The firmware binary for 2.0.0 will probably not be available on the downloads web before it has reached stable.

This is from the Hak5 Discord (a bit edited). You could try it as an alternative route, but on your own risk. No great risk really though since you could do a firmware recovery if it doesn't work.

wget -O /tmp/beta.bin https://storage.googleapis.com/hak5-dl.appspot.com/wifipineapplemk7/firmwares/2.0.0-beta.2022042513461/upgrade-2.0.0-beta.2022042513461.bin

splitweb /tmp/beta.bin

sysupgrade -n /tmp/upgrade.bin

The first command downloads 2.0.0 beta/rc firmware. The second command unpacks it. The third command installs it. The install will take 5-10 minutes. Do not unplug during the install process. When it's done, complete setup from

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