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AWS Lightsail Security Token Re-Gen For C2 Server

Smoky Bear

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Help, lost my Security Token during C2 Server set up on AWS Lightsail . Might seem like a dumb question to some, but how do you either get it back, or generate another? Daren seems to touch on this at the 10:06 mark on YT Easy Cloud C2 Set Up Hak5 2701, but does not elaborate.

I was going to test drive the community version before upgrading to Pro. Once I have all my Critters in their cages and ready to play, I don't see where you can just upgrade your Community C2 server, to Pro. It looks like you have to go in and re-purchase Pro through the store, getting a whole new license and token?

How hard is it to transfer everything from the community version to the Pro Version, or should I just save myself some time and start with the Pro seeing as how I lost the Community Version Token, and don't really have my C2 server set up yet?.

What are the advantages, is it worth $500?

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Since you are following the C2 video mentioned, you already have access to a terminal for the VPS you have available on AWS. The C2 DB file (c2.db) should be in the same directory as where you executed the C2 binary. Just delete (or rename it if you want to keep the file for some reason) the c2.db file just as Darren says in the video. When restarting C2 you will be presented with a new token that you can use during setup.

I assume you've got the license key from when ordering the Cloud C2 product (you need to "order" it from the Hak5 Shop even though the community edition is free).

Regarding the upgrade options, you can read all about it in the C2 documentation. As to why you are thinking of getting the Pro version, I don't know. Starting with the community edition should be enough for most users. I guess you own more than 10 devices and need something more than community support.

I would also suggest setting up your C2 server as a service (look at the 2703 video).

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