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Pineapple dropping out of C2 after a few minutes


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I have a Pineapple connected to a laptop in my lab, and an externally hosted c2 server to connect to.

When I enroll the Mark 7 to my c2 server, it seems to work as it should: It appears as online in the device listing and the communication seem to be without issues. But! A few minutes later, it suddenly drops out as offline in the c2 interface.

When I check the Pineapple admin interface via the laptop it is connected to, it still has the "Cloud C2 enrolled" popup message indicating the connection is still there. However I suspect this popup to be static based on the presence of the device.config file?

Either way, I need to "remove configuration and reboot". Rebooting into admin interface all seems to work - I upload the config file again via the admin interface - it connects to c2 again, but same thing happens again: It drops out shortly after. 

Sounds familiar to anyone?

(It is worth noting here that OTHER Hak5 devices (like the LAN turtle) stays connected and online on our C2 server, leading me to conclude that the problem probably is not on the c2 server side.)


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Ok, just a follow-up in case others are going to search for the same issue sometime:
I had the Pineapple connected to a laptop with the admin interface accessed via USB. If I close that browser window shortly after its hooked up on C2, it doesn't get disconnected again.

I haven't looked further into why this happens, but it looks like there is something running in the browser admin page that eventually will cause C2 to lose connection again. My bet is on a javascript process messing things up somehow, but that's pure speculation as of now.

But anyway: Close the admin browser window right after hooking it up, or reboot/repower the unit and it should work like a charm 🙂


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