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Kali with Whonix and self hosted Proxy


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Hello people,

I came across this interesting video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Arp87coPgGQ where James explains (at 28:58 on Tor Exit Nodes being Blocked) how can one connect Whonix with a self hosted proxy and run the traffic from the Tor exit node through the proxy.

Has anyone done this? Watched any video where these tools are combined?

My main doubt is how set a the self hosted proxy and connect it with Whonix.


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I'm far from being any Tor or Whonix guru, but the main issue here to me seems to be; How are you going to control what Tor Exit Node that is being used at every given moment? I know it's possible to geographically control in what countries you want/don't want to exit. But to be able to always exit in the same specific Tor Exit Node will probably be a challenge. To set up a Tor Exit Node (that you have control of) making it run through a VPS based proxy that you also control is possible, but having your own Whonix traffic leave your Whonix VM, go through the Tor network of nodes and then finally land/exit in your self controlled Tor Exit Node every single time can be a tough one. I would like to be enlightened as well on that one. It's always nice to learn new stuff.

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