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use small pcb antenna/amplifier for aircracking


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we all know that Aircracking mostly depends on the signal strength of the router you want to attack, so you want to choose a Wifi adapter that gives high signal levels, like many others i found by experience that alfa AWUS06h gives the best results but it has one big issue, it is bulky. so i had to resort to other smaller adapters but they still have an antenna that gives them away, especially if you wanted to use a mobile phone for aircracking.

So have an idea of using a pcb antenna similar to this:

2.4G /5.8G dual band antenna 8dbi high gain internal PCB aerial for wifi  router Review | Wifi router, Dual band, Router reviews

soldered to a usb wifi adapter (a small one preferably) and all this should be housed in a 3d printed phone case which should have an embedded type-c connector similar to a docking station.

I need recommendations regarding good pcb antennas and usb wifi adapters that can be paired with the antenna, i tried a pcb antenna similar to the one in the image above and paired it to a usb wifi(rtl8188eus chip) but it had a soldered small antenna which i removed to connect my antenna and it gave bad results so i'm not sure if the reason is the wifi adapter or the pcb antenna


another question is regarding signal amplifiers, some wifi chips like the rtl8187 (alfa awus06h) can be set as high as 1000mw to increase signal levels but i was wondering if we can use a signal amplifier like this:

5 6000MHz RF 20dB Gain Broadband Signal Power Amplifier Board 5M 6GHz DC 5V  85mA Amplifier Module|Integrated Circuits| - AliExpress

which can be found as cheap as 10$, is there any problems in any approach?



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OK, not that keen on building kernels for such use. I'd rather use NetHunter in that case. Note though that you probably have to make sure that your external adapter gets the juice it needs if you want to increase power on the adapter. And, amplifiers also amplifies any garbage.

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