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Pineapple 7


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Second time doing this entire process. Did the full set up using eth. Got all the way to dashboard, attempted to do a scan and was booted from the site. Now I'm back to where I was a few days ago. I can see my P7 on my wifi list, I even turned off entire firewall. Still nothing. I've had this thing for like a week and haven't gotten to do anything except trying to re-install it. Just really confused what Im messing up.

using this: WiFi-Pineapple_Mark-VII_ebook_v22.01.pdf


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You could use this procedure and load firmware 1.1.1-stable on it. Try a different computer, tablet or phone and see what happens!

USB2.0 to USB-C cables have issues I found out. Make sure to go USB-C to USB-C direct on your computer. The cable that comes with the MK7 sucks.

Mine is already broken. I need to hold pressure on it or it wont work but does power!

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