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Making an Android Mobile Phone mimic a keyboard when plugged into a USB port when USB has security lockout. ( Used only for Data Transfer )


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Like the heading says, I want to make my Android Mobile Phone mimic a keyboard like a rubber ducky, but not to hack or run scripts, just for data transfer from PC and phone, bypassing any USB security lockdown.

I take photos for work-related jobs, and when I plug my phone into the dock USB port, it says it's denied access. I would have to hand over my mac address—Non-work phone to get it whitelisted, and I don't want to do that.

And I thought fun challenge. 

Does anyone have any ideas? 


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On 2/12/2022 at 6:55 PM, dark_pyrro said:

Kali NetHunter with DuckHunter and/or Rucky are ways to mimic a keyboard and run Ducky Scripts. Not sure it fits your use case scenario though.

Hey Dark, thanks for that, I have seen this online, looks like I have to root the phone. be good if I could get around not rooting it.

I will do some research and see what else comes from within here.


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