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i'm sorry if this is a dumb question. But do use the pineapple is it required that you have a Windows based laptop desktop etc. Or can it be used with an iPad running Terminex or using the cloud version on Google of Linux etc. my laptop but the dark that I haven't gotten another one yet so I just wanted to know before I bought one if I also have to buy the laptop right away. so once you perform the man in the middle to access a network can you also access files on any device thats also no tha network? Like WYZE home-base Or Camera file records

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Not a dumb question, but it should really be posted in the WiFi Pineapple section of the forums. Anyway, you don't need a Windows based machine to use the Pineapple. The main user interface is web based, so as long as you can connect to the Pineapple you just need a web browser. I mainly use Linux based distributions, but also Windows and other OS based devices along with the Pineapple (Android, ChromeOS.....) Having access to a terminal isn't a bad thing, but you have a built in terminal in the web UI as well.

Not sure if I follow your text fully, but you should really read more about man in the middle attacks to know limitations and possibilities. The Pineapple is no "golden key" that unlocks everything that it can see. It's more complex than that. Just so that you don't buy the Pineapple thinking it will make you a super cybersec professional just by unpacking the Pineapple from its box. There's a lot more to it than that. The Pineapple makes things easier though in my opinion. There are without a doubt other ways of doing it, but if you want to benefit from the Hak5 ecosystem, then the Pineapple is a good thing to have in your arsenal.

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