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Porting over modules

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I'm a network engineer and not a programmer but I've been trying to learn and would like to try creating or porting over modules from the mark6 to the mark7. 

Are there any instructions on how to port over modules from previous wifi pineapple models? If so can I get the link to them? I bought the mark7 looking forward to all the bells and whistles but was disappointed to find out that I can't use its full functionality due to the lack of available modules. I would've been better off getting a used mark6 but that's water under the bridge and now I just want to mitigate this issue by porting them over myself instead of waiting for the community to do it...so any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated...thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction...

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To port the modules you need to understand what the original modules do, the basic idea of them. Visit their GitHub repo and study the functionality of them. Then you need to learn the new way of writing modules and convert them. A simple "porting process" isn't available. The development process for Mark VII modules is described though, and that is what you need to follow.

Then, you need to understand that the "lack" of modules isn't any kind of measurement of how bad or good a product is. More isn't always better. The ones that are relevant is the important thing. Being in possession of a sailing boat in the desert isn't always the most optimal thing even though the sailing boat is a brilliant idea. Myriads of pixels have been used to ventilate this subject over time. There has even been polls on Discord, probably as a result of some users screaming about the lack of modules, and the polls largely points in the direction of attack vectors that isn't relevant anymore. Most likely because of the fact that they are new to the cybersec scene and lacks the history and knowledge about what is working and not, also probably fueled by some fancy and cool YouTube video that is several years old. Devs have also asked the question "What modules do you want?" and those that previously was crying out in disappointment over the lack of modules answer with silence....

Quoting one of the more knowledgeable users on Hak5 Discord that sums it all up in a good way when it comes to modules and the Mark VII:
"the pineapple has most functionality that used to be modules built into it now from the start.  Of the remaining modules, many would no longer function on modern networks (sslstrip would require you to modify every client device w/ a custom ca chain as admin - hardly useful now, as intended.  if you could trivially bust ssl the internet would stop working).  Others were one-offs and the authors are no longer active in the community and haven't ported their modules to the new system. Generally speaking, community modules happen because someone had an itch to scratch and made it available to everyone else; if you have specific itches you want to scratch, you could mention them and see if anyone in the channel who does dev is interested in working on one."

So, learn how any Nano/Tetra module (that you might find relevant) works by studying its code, then learn the Mark VII dev framework by following the documentation and start the porting process.

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