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SharkJack output into XML


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Hi everyone I just got a Hak5 Shark Jack and I tried it out works awesome! I noticed that the payload is set to output into .txt for the loot or scan results. As we know nmap has a GUI version called Zenmap and just overall organizes content in a more easy to read format, also it really works well with .XML format as I experienced. Bottom line is I'm trying to get the initial scan payload to work with .XML instead of .txt I was wondering if this is possible or difficult to do? Not really sure how to do this as scripting isn't my strong suite, I have tried to edit the payload.sh file and I added the .xml extension instead of .txt but I'm pretty sure there's more that needs to be done than that.

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So, just to be sure about what you want; do you want the output of the Shark Jack nmap scan to be in XML format rather than the default text output? Just changing the file suffix from txt to xml won't affect that in any way. You have to add the parameter in the payload script to make nmap output to xml, probably -oX (add it to the NMAP_OPTIONS variable).

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