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Mark VII ressources OK ?


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please can somebody confirm that the folowing ressources are ok :

(i just added a USB key of 2GB, as /dev/sda1)


           Filesystem            Format     Size           Used          Available Used %Mount    Point

  • /dev/mtdblock5   squashfs   19.00 MB    19.00 MB   0 B          100%     /rom
  • /dev/mmcblk0     ext4            1.77 GB      40.83 MB  1.62 GB    2%       /overlay
  • /dev/sda1             ext4            1.81 GB      5.64 MB    1.69 GB    0%       /usb


/dev/mtdblock5 : 100% use ==> is OK ?



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I am having the same issue here, also after doing a factory reset, If I reboot the AP, or disconect it, it will not boot, (solid red light) then I do the factory reset again, and works, only untill it reboots, again. Please help. 

Thank you.

Wifi Pineapple Version 2.1.3


Filesystem Format Size Used Available Used % Mount Point
/dev/mtdblock5 squashfs 21.75 MB 21.75 MB 0 B 100% /rom
/dev/mmcblk0 ext4 1.78 GB 22.05 MB 1.65 GB 1% /overlay
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Hi, yes, I  had it connected to my USB-C on my PC (only source of power) I do the whole reset and its working fine, then I reboot, or disconect it and move somewhere else and now it shows a corrupted firmware, I do the whole reset again, same scenario and same thing happen. 

could it be the hardware is bad? do I need to try a diferent version of the recovery flash? Help., 


Thank you Dark_pyrro for youe help. 



A flash error was detected on your device.


It appears that your device has been flashed improperly, and will not function correctly.

Please restore your device using the recovery process documented at

Remember you MUST flash the RECOVERY/STAGER FIRMWARE first before flashing the full firmware.


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It depends if it's still under warranty. I would suggest contacting support and see if it's possible to solve "business wise". I guess the issue with faulty flash storage is a bit special since it hasn't been possible to detect in an easy way up until firmware version 2.x. Meaning, you might have bought it when it was released and used it along with fw version 1.x without issues (even if the flash was faulty from start). And then when flash checks was introduced in fw 2.x, it is rendered inoperable and still it's not possible to get a warranty replacement because it's too long since it was bought (something that would be possible if the fault was possible to identify when brand new and still under warranty). All this makes the scenario a bit "special".

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