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no matter which firmware I try


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Tell us more to be able to help. Obvious questions, but since not having any clue of the knowledge of the one posting the question, it's very difficult to know on what level to start. What firmware version? Where do you download it from? What instructions do you follow when trying to flash the firmware? If not following any, what steps are you doing to try to flash the firmware? What firmware are you on now? Did the Pineapple work as it should before you start trying to flash the new firmware?

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Thank you dark_pyrro, I got the issue resolved by using the recovery tool to flash the new firmware, everything is running fine. I do have a new issue (i'll make a new post if need be) the admin SSID I setupĀ  in the dashboard will not allow me to connect (keeps saying improper credentials). I have verified the SSID and Password are correct on the dashboard.

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