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Handshakes to linux for hashcat


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I have the pineapple  Vii and i can get the hand shake to capture, but my issue is getting them handshakes into linux for so i can use hashcat to crack them,    Can someone explain this or do a google meet or something to show me what i am doing wrong, 

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Use SCP to copy them from the Pineapple to your machine.

scp$handshake location/ .

Change the "$handshake location" part to where the handshakes are captured. I'm not sure where they are since I haven't captured any on mine yet. This will copy the handshakes from the pineapple the current directory on your machine.

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i can select the handshake option and find them on my local computer directory.  My question is how do i take it from my computer directory and get it into linux so hashcat can crack it.


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