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Most newer routers are protected against the standard bruteforce PIN attacks now which is probably why the module hasn't been updated for the WP7 platform.  I can't remember if either the reaver or bully packages are pre-installed but you can download them from Hak5's repositories using opkg in the web shell and run both if in fact you come across a vulnerable router.

In regards to your comments about cracking handshakes, length of time can vary depending on many different factors but at the end of the day, a large contributing factor is the power associated with what's running the handshake-cracking software to which I would say you can look into cloud-based hardware leasing/renting sites like Digital Ocean, AWS, Vultr, etc.  You can essentially add a bunch of GPU's to an instance and make easier work for yourself than if you had an Nvidia 2080 sitting in your rig at home running JtR or Hashcat.

I'm just starting to look into all of the handshake stuff so it's somewhat new to me but it's necessary at this point.

Oh and you can look into Evil Twin AP's as well.

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