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Pineapple professional use


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On 8/24/2021 at 8:21 AM, guard_N_gnpm3 said:

Seeing all of issues people have with the MK VII, I'm curious if anyone has used this or any version of the pineapple in a professional setting? 

I can bring it in for work tomorrow. I am authorized to bring in any and all Hak5 merchandise into work. 

What are you looking for exactly? 

I haven't brought it in for work since I just got it, and also because I am unsure what that will solve bring it to work. 

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I've used it a few times, but not as my sole device. I bounch between Kali (laptop),Raspberry pi 4 and use the pineapple more for its "visual" features. I not fully confident in using it as the only device I take out with me. You should use multipal devices, not just rely on the pineapple. But for me personal, its all about the pi.

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