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Insyde H2O BIOS


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So, First about background info -  the laptop is is dual booted with Ubuntu & win10. its an Acer Swift 3 ryzen 5 4500u. not that it matters here other than the 'f' keys have a secondary function which the secondary functions are enabled by default. The Bios Password isn't set either.

So the changes I made were adding a password and enabling on boot. setting Ubuntu as the 1st boot option, and making the 'f' keys the default function. this has been the way since i bought it 8 months ago.

I'm using windows and see it has an update. as usual i check to see whats in the update and noticed there was an Insyde H2O firmware update.

So I updated it. installed restarted and noticed no password on boot and it booted into windows not Ubuntu. so i went back into the bios. it was still password protected but the boot order had changed the 'f' keys were re assigned and like i say the password on boot had been disabled.

My question is, was it able to do these changes because i was already logged into windows and windows made the changes or can i simply download the firmware make changes and update a bios that way without needing the bios password

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