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Need help on P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. - Raspberry Pi Zero W


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Hello Community,

I own a Bash Bunny and I played around with it. Unfortunally there is no WiFi, so I discovered the Raspberry Pi Zero with the P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. image.

In case someone needs the image: https://github.com/RoganDawes/P4wnP1_aloa/releases


Well, actually everything runs fine - exept one thing:

Because it's a Kali Linux HEADLESS Image I can use metasploit right away through WiFi and SSH. Which is great.

So what's the Problem?

The Raspi is headless so I can't use the ability to monitor the screen from the other Computer where the Raspi is connected to through USBeth.


So in order to get the full potential of metasploit I want to use a Laptop with Kali Linux which will be connected to the Raspi via WiFi.

The IP-Adress would be

The Raspi itself is connected via USBeth to my testcomputer.

This IP-Adress would be


If I SSH into the Raspi via WiFi and start metasploit the Host IP-Adress will be

Like I saip previously - so far so good.


But I don't want to SSH into the Raspi.

I just want to use metasploit from my Laptop connected to the Raspi via WiFi.

In order to do so I have to have a Bridge from to

And the Testcomputer connected to the Raspi via USBeth should still have the IP-Adress


Unfortunally I have no clue how to get this done.


Any help would be great.






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