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SQL Injected on used vintage 3D Printer i own who use MS SQL Express 2005


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Hi, my partner purchased a used 3D Printer from 10+ years ago back when they were making them based on windows xp instead of their own embedded design or android. It required some login to allow printing with a complex sql database to connect to it. It run MS SQL Express 2005 which seem like mysql based. I had been trying to SQL inject for a few hours now. The only decent result i had success was a blind sql vulnerability in wapiti. Is there anyway to be able to inject it to get admin password or is there a better way with hashcat with the img of the hdd we made just in case ? It also required a barcode bypass from a cardridge format that was discontinued years ago. The company had bankrupted years ago too. So it would be  nice to not be stuck with a paperweight for any longer. The web login's something called v-flash. Any help would be appreciated. BTW, i am in Quebec, Canada, so there's a high chance the password would be in french too. Thank.

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