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Okay, a friend and I are designing a website and we have ran into a little problem. This is going to sound stupid but heres what we want to do. When you enter the URL we want a Plain black page to come up with a text bos in the center.

The text box which will be unlabled will actually be the username box.

After the user enters their username we need a second page to come up that looks exactly like the first but the textbox will now be the password textbox.

Now after thhis is entered we want the user to be logged in and redirected to the forums.

My question is simple: Is this even possible?

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multi-stage forms are indeed possible. The trick is how you transfer the data from one page to the next. You'll have to append the value of the text boxes to the next url (as in a GET variable,though not really recommended) or pass it in a POST value to a SESSION variable, or set a cookie, so that you can access the value later when you actually want to log in.

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