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Bunny went into read only mode after a script


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Hello - very new user here.  Been playing with some of the more innocent scripts and seems like one messed me up.

I ran the simple-usb-file-extractor on a Win10 computer and when reconnecting to my linux machine in arming mode, the filesystem was in read only mode... the permissions when mounted have a "+" at the end. Through some of the commands below I could remove this "+" but the file system is still read only.  I have rebooted, remounted, recovered multiple times.

I searched and tried:

Firmware recovery three times

sudo mount -o rw,remount /dev/sda  

<br />

sudo umount -f /dev/sda  
# and then 
sudo dosfsck /dev/sda

<br />

sudo setfacl -b /run/media/<username> 

<br />

sudo mount -o remount,uid=1000,gid=1000,rw /dev/sda 

Thanks so much for your time!

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