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Cannot capture devices without capturing everything


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Running a test of the pineapple and seem to be unable to get devices to connect, unless I capture everything.  I assume this is a filtering issue but i cant see how.

Client Filter:   Contains all mac addresses of devices i want to capture, and is set to ALLOW LIST

SSID Filter:  Set to my fake network, and is set to ALLOW LIST

SSID Pool:  has only my fake network in it

PineAP settings:  Active

All of my devices can see this fake network, but none can connect.  Trying to connect with an android phone gives me the message "authentication error" ; trying to connect with a windows 10 laptop simply tells me it cannot connect.

However, If i blank everything (client filter list, ssid filter list, ...)  and capture everything, by setting filters to deny list while theyre blank, I can capture and spoof all networks (though i obviously dont want to do this or even really test it for long)

I have tried the exact same test with a real live network with the same results.

My question is, why does the above not work and how do i resolve it?


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