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Handshake Help.


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I get notifications when one of my laptops disconnects from the WiFi Pineapple.

It looks like this:

80:2B:F9:C7:46:2B has disconnected.

I don't get any notifications when my laptop connects to the WiFi Pineapple or when it connects to any other wifi network.

I also am not able to capture handshakes when my laptop connects to any network including the WiFi Pineapple network.

However. I managed to capture one handshake at random from another wifi connection I don't own.

The other problem is updating the list of networks. It seems to skip over connections I have made on my WiFi network.

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Ok, so I've made some more progress. I added the laptop mac address and the WiFi SSID both to the allow list filters and didn't include anything else.  That resolved the isssue, captured the handshake from my network! I also noticed that before I did this the WiFi Pineapple was spoofing networks with other people connected to them.  How can I use this feature?

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