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Updated Correctly but no WIFI Connection (INVISIBLE SIGNAL OWL?)


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I've followed the guides and can get the Signal Owl into arming mode (with double LED blink) updated to 1.0.1 with the proper scripts and directories, however I can't get a WIFI connection or SSH connection.


I have a USB formatted to FAT32

it has a folder named extensions containing a WIFI_CONNECT.sh file:


function WIFI_CONNECT() {
    logger running extension: wifi_connect
    ifconfig wlan0 up;sleep 2
    echo -e "network={\nssid=\"$WIFI_SSID\"\npsk=\"$WIFI_PASS\"\npriority=1\n}">/tmp/wpa.conf
    wpa_supplicant -B -Dn180211 -i wlan0 -c /tmp/wpa.conf
    while(iwconfig wlan0 | grep Not-Associated); do sleep 1; done
    udhcpc -i wlan0
export -f WIFI_CONNECT


then outside the folder is the payload.txt file(in my script I put my WIFI creds which contain no special characters, only letters and numbers):


/etc/init.d/sshd start



Am I doing something wrong? I ran chmod 777 on both the payload.txt file and the wifi_connect.sh file. I tried pinging the IP its supposed to automatically be at[ is what I have], nothing. Finally I ran nmap thru the entire range because I wanted to be thorough(on my closed network where the signal owl should be) and found nothing (while the signal owl is plugged in and blinking like its in arming mode). As far as I know I've done everything correct and am in arming mode with no payload or firmware errors but no ssh or wifi or ability to ping/nmap. 😕 Any help would be appreciated!

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