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Problems Setting up FreeNAS

Jeffrey Ropp

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First off, thanks for the show guys. Very entertaining and informative.

I recently watched episode Episode 2x02 and decided to give FreeNAS a shot. I have zero LINUX experience, but figured the setup looked easy enough.

My old PC recognizes the CF card:

Primary IDE Master [LEXMAR ATA FLASH- (PM)]

Type = Auto

Maximum Capacity = 82MB

Multi-Sector Transfers = [Disabled]

LBA Mode Control = [Disabled]

Transfer Mode = [Fast PIO 4 ]

Ultra DMA = [Disabled]


During the boot from CD I noticed:


After the installation, I get simply "Read error".

After reading everything on the FreeNAS forums, I tried modifying the loader.conf file to include a line to force LINUX to disable DMA to agree with BIOS:


No dice.

Any thoughts? The CF was pulled from a working camera. The adapter is new. I'm stuck.

What PC/BIOS did you guys use in your demo?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



A few specs:

Dell XPS Pentium III - running at 1.4GHz

640 MB RAM

Lexar 80MB Compact Flash connected via ID Adapter

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