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Tetra can't deauth


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Hi all, 

N00b here, but not to pentesting and wifi pentesting in general. Decided to eventually give in and get the tetra to add to my pentesting arsenal. But I am really disappointed. It seems like this is an expensive version of a regular wifi card's promiscuous mode, and my old lenovo's wifi card was able to broadcast deauth packets for as long as I wanted, and this seems to be a better approach to how the pineapple does it - seems the multiplier doesn't really do anything. 

I did message Darren about this directly over Twitter, and he came back with a nice, though not very helpful response, saying to use a multiplier in the mid-region, he suggested 5. 

So far, by using a multiplier of 10, I have managed to deauth one laptop device on my network once... once in 24 hours of trying to deauth anything on my network. 


Does anyone here have a similar experience / any advice? 

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