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Installing kismet on the nano?


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I'm trying to install kismet on the wifi pineapple nano to do some war driving but I'm having serious issues. Nothing seems to work when I try to install, either I run out of room (And yes that's even when installing to the SD card because some files, it seems, must write to disk) or it installs and just doesn't run. Have tried factory resetting and installing multiple times. I'm on the newest firmware. The guides I'm trying to follow are a bit outdated (https://medium.com/@elkentaro/nano-kismet-kismet-on-a-wifi-pineapple-nano-305865216dee) so I was wondering if anyone here could help? I'd just like to install kismet-hak5 and kismet-hak5-remote as those are probably the most updated packages, correct me if im wrong.

Thank you. 

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