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How to program a WiFi Pineapple TETRA to work as a router when connected to your cell phone using Easy Tether Pro as shown on the YouTube Video 

Darren goes everything very quickly and I want to explain how to do it step by step so anyone can follow!

I hope people can get together on this project.  Darren said this setup is what he uses for his router at home!

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Can anyone explain exactly how you get to the mono-color green character screen as shown in the video with the pineapple displayed using  ASCII? 

I have a brand new WiFi Pineapple with the latest firmware loaded and I only went through the setup menu to provide an ssid and password.  I'm connected to a laptop running WIN10 - 64bit, using the CHROME browser and connected to the Pineapple using the Y-Cable with the USB-A plug in the laptop and the Micro-USB plug in the ETH1 port.  I have a Samsung 9+ running East Tether Pro connected to the Pineapple via a USB-C plug in the phone and a USB-A plug in the unlabeled USB-A port on the Pineapple. 

I'm trying to follow Darren's instructions in the YouTube video, but I don't know how to display/get to the screen he is using to enter commands/programs?  The screen with green characters and a pineapple top displayed.  I don't have any wifi except on my laptop using a different phone connected to my laptop and running Easy Tether Pro.

So the first thing is how to get to that screen????

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