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OVPN over Shadowsocks issue on Ubuntu 19.10


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Hey there, so recently swapped back to Ubuntu on my daily driver laptop from w10. When it had windows still I use a TCP OpenVPN profile to tunnel a VPN connection over my  Shadowsocks proxy I have on a VPS.

Ubuntu's network manager lets me import my regular UDP profiles which do not go over the proxy no problem, but if I try and import the TCP profiles with these 2 additional lines

socks-proxy 1080
route SHADOWSOCKS_SERVER_IP net_gateway

it errors out with

Cannot Import VPN connection. The file "client-tcp.ovpn" could not be read or does not contain recognized VPN connection information. Error: unkown SSH file extension, should be .sh

I've been looking around online for a few days now and haven't really found a remedy to allow me to use my VPN over the Proxy on Ubuntu. I would like it to work on the system level similar to how it worked on my windows box.

Does anyone more familiar with Linux have either an alternative or workaround that would allow the same results. It would be greatly appreciated. If you need anymore information feel free to ask. Thanks.

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