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Is my rubber ducky dead?


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Hello community, Im having problems with the rubberducky. When using the stock firmware I got a static red light.

I tried multiple SD cards and multiple payloads(including the testing one, and adding 5 seconds delay at the start of the payload). I also tried FAT, and FAT32.I tried to flash manually with dfu-programmer and with the ducky-flasher tool the different firmwares. All of them result on static red flash, except for the Twin-Duck (options 1, 2 and 3) where first the led is green, until I press the botton/CAPS which results in flashing alternatively red and green. When using FAT Duck (m_duck.hex) Im able to acces the contents of the SD card.

The output of dmesg effectively shows the device as a HID keyboard and reports no errors, but there is not keystroke injection.

At this point I don't know what else to try, any help will be appreciated. I tried in Linux, Windows and Mac.


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