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Page filing a drive partition?

Mr Andrewson

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Would it speed up games, like would a computer with all teh right specs apart from amoutn of ram, be able to run wow with this and still not upgarde ram?

Possible... I suppose in the case of windows (and Linux when configured to do so) using the full 32GB of 'disk space' the hyper drive gives you effectively gives the computer 32GB of RAM plus the system memory.

Although there will be some over head since the kernel is having to manage the writing of the RAM data to the HD, but with 0ms seek times on the 'hard disk' it would be very fast and (to us humans) indistinguishable to normal RAM access times.

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Ooh, nice, i might buy a good, fast external harddrive (not just drive) and see how it works ;)

I think you miss my point. The hyperdrive 2 uses RAM to emulate, in hardware, a hard disk, as such the hyperdrive 2 has 0ms disk access and seek times. If you did this with a normal hard drive it would be very slow. Putting the page file on it's own partition on a separate disk is still a good thing though, usually improve load times on stuff.

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