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Secure the OPEN SSID side


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Hi all, very new to pineapple so excuse the ignorance...

Is there a way to secure the open SSID? or perhaps another way to accomplish my goal?

I have the pinapple and the dongle thingy..

I'm trying to share a secured (by portal) wifi to more than one device using the pineapple..


Secured (portaled) hotspot <--OPN--> pineapple <--WPA2 SSID---> my multiple devices

Is there a way to do this? I can already do:

Secured (portaled) hotspot <--OPEN--> pineapple <--OPEN---> my multiple devices

But i don't want others to be able to connect on my pineapple by leaving it open, and I want to keep the management SSID free for managing

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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