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Installing rickrole module makes my nano reboot


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  • 1 month later...

I got hold of two other Nano's and tested if they had the same problem ( errors indicated when using the /sd filesystem ) and tested on different SD card types and with different power supplys.

I found that the SD card reader / driver in the design of the nano is f..... up.

But i found a solution..

Now instead of the build in SD-card reader I am using the reader in the 3G Modem i am using ( AirCard 320U )

( By the way it is really easy to get the 3G dongle to work. You only need to alter two files in /etc/config - add the wwan interface name as wwan0 and enable it in the dhcp file by adding a 1 to the setting for if dhcp is enabled on wwan) 

[ I would have added some images here but the forum did not allow me to upload them ]

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